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Welcome to The Crypto Cartel.

A Fair-launched ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Network. Started by a group of Diamond-Handed Degens, we aim to build the largest Crypto Community in the space.  By buying the Cartel Token you become a member of The Crypto Cartel.  You will shill, you will be active in chat, you will HODL.  We are watching.

We Are The Cartel.


Cartel Token FAQ

Cartel Logo 1000.png
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Problem

99.99% of Crypto is a PONZI!


Ponzi Definition:  A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.


In Crypto this means that early investors buy cheaply, then shill to others to buy at a higher price.  Then the new investors repeat the process until finally, the whole thing collapses with the last buyers taking huge losses.  No new money is generated, only a redistribution of users' funds from late to early investors.


The Solution

The solution to this is for a Crypto Project to develop and invest in utility projects that generate external revenue streams that can be funnelled back into the original project.


This way all investors, whether early or late, can share in the revenue generated by the project.  Holders of the token are rewarded as investors whether by an increased token price or directly by the payment of dividends from the project's external revenue streams.


The Crypto Cartel is currently working on such revenue generating utilities and will be actively looking to invest in current or new third party revenue generating projects.


Welcome to a new type of Crypto


Welcome to The Crypto Cartel

Cartel Logo 1000.png


We are proud to announce our First Utility Product.

The Contract Scanner is the first Utility Product from The Crypto Cartel.

We are developing a Hi-Tech Cutting Edge Contract Scanner to help keep people safe when trading.

The site will generate revenue from Banner Adverts on the main site, plus by selling Adverts on the accompanying Telegram Bot.  


Future updates will include premium features that can be subscribed to with payments being made in $Cartel Tokens.

Profits made from Adverts will be funnelled back into The Crypto Cartel though Buy Backs and direct payments to holders via future Cartel Staking 👀

We will be releasing the Beta Version in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

We Are The Cartel!

Cartel Logo 1000.png

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